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Root canal treatment quality in maxillary and mandibular 6 anteriors in Palestinian subpopulation


Introduction: There is substantial evidence that the technical quality of root canal filling has a significant effect on the outcome of root canal treatment. The aim of this study was to evaluate the technical quality of root canal fillings performed by dentists in Palestinian community. Methods: The records of 504 maxillary and mandibular cone beam CT scans, 137 of them found to have endodontic treatment in the anterior teeth, were selected and evaluated. For each tooth, Filling length, density and taper, and presence or absence of void was evaluated. Obturations that have proper length, density and taper, without any void are classified as acceptable root canal fillings. Results: Of the 137 CBCT, a total of 308 teeth, 83 mandibular teeth and 225 maxillary teeth, 10.84% of the mandibular anteriors have good quality, 9.77% of maxillary anteriors have good quality regardless the peri-radicular area condition. Conclusion: Technical quality of root fillings performed by Palestinian dentists was found to be less than 15%.

Dr. Abeer Hammouz, Dr. Ziyad Kamal, Dr. Majd salameh

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