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Scanning Electron Microscopic Observations of Eggs of Anopheles Fluviatilis (T) Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae)


In the present investigations, Scanning Electron Microscopy of eggs of An. fluviatilis is carried out to differentiate the An. fluviatilis significantly from other mosquito species in egg size, float size, structure of lobed tubercles, pattern of deck tubercles, pattern of chorionic cells and structure of tubercles on under float area. The shape and size of tubercle is different in An. fluviatilis as compared to An. culicifacies, An. nyssorhynchus, An. nuneztovary and An. apicimacula. The eggs of An. fluviatilis are similar to An. culicifacies in micropylar rays but different from An. darlingi, An. rangeli and An. dunhami. These characters along with different shapes present on different surface and/or ends of egg were used to differentiate various mosquito species.

Neelam Sehrawat

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