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Scanning Electron Microscopy and Edax Study of Scales of Genus Puntius


Present study was designed and an attempt has been made to study the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDAX) of fish of genus Puntius from Uttarakhand. Puntius conchonius and Puntius sophore (Spotted barbs) in the fast flowing water of Song River. The body of the fish in laterally compressed and is covered over by numerous small scales. The number of lateral line scale is approximately ninety. The fish adheres to the bottom by well-developed reflected lower lips. The typical scale when viewed under SEM reveals that the scale can be divided into anterior, posterior and focus regions. The scales of Puntius conchonius and Puntius sophore are cycloid scales which are roughly oval in shape. The scales from focus region of the black spot have 75% of degenerated scales as compare to normal body scale of genus Puntius. In the case of Puntius sophore black spot scale a total seven elements were found from the different region of the scales viz., Ca, P, O, C, Mg, Na and K. In the case of Puntius sophore (middle part) eight elements were found from the different region of the scales. These minerals were Ca, P, O, C, Mg, Na, K and Zn. Lateral line canal of lateral line scale of this species covered 80% of entire length of scale. It is tube like structure having two opening the anterior and posterior opening, anterior opening is circular in shape and open near the tip of the posterior end of the scale.

Roushan K Thakur, Negi RK and Raushani Raj

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