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Significance of the Balochistan (Wildlife Protection, Preservation, Conservation, and its Management) Act, 2014


The purpose of this paper is to study the significance of Balochistan wildlife protection preservation conservation and management 2014. The province of Balochistan has rich biodiversity and natural heritage, especially wildlife that has unfortunately been degrading and depleting, mainly due to human activities. The department is mandated to implement, seek compliance and enforce the relevant provisions of this Act. It is a very detailed act for the conservation and management of the province’s wildlife. It was passed in March 2014. It has 96 articles and five schedules. It gives a short title, preamble, definitions, guiding principles, administration, preliminary protection of wild animals, hunting of game animals, possession and display of wild animals, wildlife trade and traffic, protected areas, ex-situ conservation, Multinational Environmental Agreements (MEAs), community participation, powers of the government and officers, indemnity removal of difficulties and punishment for offenses under the act, miscellaneous duties, trial of offence cases, penalties and punishment, repeals and savings there are five schedules to the act, game animals, lawful possession of wild animals, protected animals, ramsar sites in balochistan, penalties, and punishment.

Ahmad Zamirr, Arz Muhammad Umrani, Muhammad Sajawal

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