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Supposition about Cancer’s Cellular Therapy


Probably no other field suggests such a vast number of hypotheses and theories as the aspect of etiology and pathogenesis of cancer. Scientists have firmly established experimental and epidemiological data on malignant tumors causal genesis, but pathogenesis of this fatal disease remains absolutely vague. Numerous hypotheses and theories of carcinogenesis, even most popular ones, are insufficient to explain various aspects of this fatal disease. Numerous fundamental and very important questions of cancer’s pathology so far remain without any clear answer. The essence of the tumor process consists of unlimited proliferation of hybrid somatic cells. At the same time tumorous synkaryon probably have the ability for hereditary transmitting properties of intensified and uncontrolled proliferation to the following generation of cells.

Gogichadze GK, Gedenidze AV and Gogichadze TG

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