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Synthesis and Molecular Properties of Some Imine Complexes with Iron Supported by Phosphine Ligands


The compounds which were synthesized and presented in this project serve as stable models of reactive intermediates, proposed in catalytic transformations with the ruthenium counterparts. It is also of general interest to study the reactivity of trimethylphosphine stabilized iron compounds toward aromatic imines and ketones. Other than some cyclomanganated products, there are no examples of cyclometalated products of 3d row transition metals with imines. In this section, a review of reactions in the activation and functionalization of C-H bonds by solution-phase transition metal-based systems are presented, with an emphasis on the activation of aromatic C-H bonds. Phenyl ketimines react smoothly under mild conditions with low- valent iron (0) adducts to form five-membered metallacycles. The reaction of Diphenylketimine and tert-butylphenylketimine with Fe(PMe3)4 generates a hydrido-iron (II) complex 1,2 respectively. Iodomethane reactions of hydrido-iron compound form iodo-iron (II) complex 3. Benzylic imine react with Fe(CH3)2(PMe3)4 by elimination of methane to afford hexacoordinate methyl-iron(II) complex 4. All complexes are given from 1- 4 were characterized through IR, NMR and X-ray diffraction was discussed.

Hamdi AM Bennour

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