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Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Novel Organo Phospho Carbamates Containing Imidazole Ureas/Carboxamides


The novel Organo Phospho Carbamates containing imidazole ureas/ Carboxamides derivatives are an important class of organophosphorus heterocycles, having potential biological importance due to their unique features. The conversion of acid azide to urethanes (carbamates) through isocyanate involves Curtius rearrangement is an important synthetic method for the preparation of substituted ureido/carboxamide carbamates. They have multifacted applications as important pharmacophores in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemical synthesis and diverse other potential biological areas. The compounds electron withdrawing group at position 4 of ureido/carboxamide carbamates increased the activity against bacteria and fungus.

Esther Rani V, Marasakatla Rani and Ravindranath LK

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