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Synthesis of 2-((substituted)-2-chloroquinolin-3-yl)-3-((substituted) phenyl) thiazolidin-4-one with β-cyclodextrin-SO3H Catalyst Under Solvent-free Condition


This research aims to study the reactions of Diaminohexanoic Acid – an essential amino acid- also known as lysine at various pHs and further observe its absorption in a cactus species known as Euphorbia trigona. Lysine absorption was studied by observing physical changes in the Euphorbia trigona. Three pH studies were completed in solvents such as Methylene chloride, methanol, and water in the 25-40°C temperature range. This study was a small part of our on-going effort to develop assays for essential amino acid detections.

Shelke RN, Pansare DN, Pawar CD, Deshmukh AC, Pawar RP and Bembalkar SR

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