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Teaching History of Science and Technology through Content Blocks for Non-Science Majors (A Case of Teaching Cosmology Block)


This article features a method for teaching a History of Science and Technology (HST) course through content blocks for undergraduate students for non-science majors. I suggest starting the course with a block on cosmology, as this block provides a broad historical perspective, and a number of topics and controversial issues related to modern scientific approaches, and can be looked at through the lens of the nature of science (NOS) what allows students to reflect epistemologically on the issues discussed. I realize that the amount of information that must gather and incorporated is both massive and too specific, so I suggest ways to complement and update the included content. The role and importance of scientific literacy courses and how they might be applied to non-science majors is emphasized. The survey data showed students’ general satisfaction with the course and reflected upon some concerns that need to be considered in the teaching.

Olga Krasnyak

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