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The application of mathematics to microeconomics


 The investigation of the organization of discrete quantities and their respective interactions is the fundamental research objective in mathematical analysis, which is an essential part of contemporary mathematics. It is a necessary subject for many professional courses in computer and communication, and it has a broad array of applications in the field of innovation and technologies. The basic premise of its idea, theory, and technique in computer higher studies such as operating system, collating basic premise, data structure and algorithm structural analysis database has a broad application in depth, and discrete mathematics instructional information is not only related to computer hardware, computer software research and has a close relationship, with different features, the basis of its basic idea, hypothesis, and technique in computer highly qualified trainings such as operating system, compiling principle, data structure and algorithm evaluation and design and data system has an universal scope in detail. Reasoning is a branch of science that investigates human thinking patterns and laws. According to the various research objectives and techniques, it can be separated into set theory, dialectical logic, and mathematical reasoning. The subject of mathematics known as mathematical logic analyses reasoning. It also is known as symbolic logic since it studies the legal alliance between premise and conclusions in reasoning using mathematical methods, namely a set representing symbols. It has a significant impact on computer science and people's lives, as well as on theoretical direction. Deductive reasoning and predicate logic are two types of mathematics. This article focuses solely on mathematical logic's usage in microeconomics

Elena Perry

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