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The Assessment of Service Quality from Users’ Point of Views: The Case of Revenue Authority, Addis Ababa City Government


In an attempt to improve service delivery in the public sector, the government of Ethiopia launched civil service program in 1996 and service delivery policy and implementation instruments in 2001. The overall objective of the reform is to enable public institutions to provide their services to the public in efficient, effective, transparent and responsive manner. Based on the objectives of the policy and parameters drawn from service delivery literature, this study aims at evaluating the satisfaction of customers of the revenue administration office of Addis Ababa City government.A sample of 100 customers provided their views and answers to the questionnaires forwarded during the data collection period.The study shows that service delivery at Revenue Agency can be viewed as moderate though it falls short in some aspects. It performed average in timeliness, process easiness, transparency, responsiveness, grievance handling and physical environment. It performed below average in dimensions such as consultation with customers, access to service providers, respectfulness, courtesy and reliability.

Jemal Abagissa*

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