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The Chondrocranium Development of Mus musculus domesticus(Rodentia: Muridae) I Stage I


The aim of this research is to study the development chondocranium In one species of rodentia white laboratory mouse which originating from the it focuses on two main axes, the first is an accurate microscopic anatomical study of the chondrocranium and knowing the changes that occur for a comparative study of chondrocranium development during mouse embryos growth, how they occur and synchronize before reaching to ossification stage, as well as monitoring changes that occur in the sense capsules. The second axis is a descriptive comparative analysis of the study sample with some other mammals previously studied by researchers, to clarify the characteristics of the genus followed by the research sample according to the characteristics of the chondrocranium and formation method. The total length of the embryo body in this stage 18 mm, the embryo was obtained and prepared by using some tissue steps to make serial sections for head region, and it has been examined by light microscope then use the Ken-a-vision microprojector for graphic reconstruction of the chondrocranium, and describe it in three views: dorsal, ventral, and lateral. However in this embryo we found some cartilaginous structures are not yet formed (absent). Whereas, the nasal capsule appeared Small and incomplete of the rostrul region, lacks some cartilaginous structures and contain Jacobson's organs. The optic capsule is medium in size and appears not connected to the cranial base and contains interorbital septum and lacks the optic roots. The auditory capsule consists of one part is canalicular part and the semicircular canals was appear very clear.

Mai A Al-Mosaibih and Rawan M Al-Maimony

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