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The Effect of Monensin Supplementation on Ruminal Fermentation Parameters of Sheep


This study was carried out to determine of the effects of monensin on ruminal fermentation parameters in Ghizel sheep. Sixteen male Ghizel sheep were used allocated in completely randomized design. The diet containing of 2.9 ME (Mcal/kg DM) and 150 g/kg DM CP was formulated based on NRC requirement consisting of 400 g kg-1DM alfalfa, 488 g kg-1 DM barley grain, 200 g kg-1 DM soybean meal, 589 g kg-1 DM, corn grain and 20 g kg-1 DM limestone containing predicted metabolizable energy 2.9 Mcal kg-1 DM and containing crude protein 150 g kg-1 DM. The treatments containing different level of ionophores (20 ppm, 25 ppm, 30 ppm and 35 ppm). The experiment period was 21 days. The rumen fluid was collected using stomach tube at 2 and 4 h after morning feeding. The floatation and sedimentation time, methylene blue reduction time, pH, total ammonia nitrogen and total VFA in ruminal samples were determined. The ruminal pH, total VFA, sedimentation and floatation time and methylene reduction time were not significant differences. The effect of monensin on ruminal ammonia concentration was significant difference (P<0.05). The results showed that the monensin had not effect on ruminal parameters except of ruminal ammonia-N resulted low proteolytic bacteria activity.

A Taghizadeh, M Besharati and V Hesni

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