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The effect of two different solitary attachments used to retain implant assisted mandibular distal extension removable partial overdenture on abutment alveolar bone height changes: Ahmed Abosabaa, Delta University for Science and Technology, Egypt.


 Although embed upheld fixed halfway false teeth are the ideal treatment choice for mostly edentulous patients, bone misfortune in mandibular back districts could require bone join and mandibular nerve lateralization techniques for embed positions, introducing high careful danger and cost and disheartening patients .Thus, removable fractional false teeth (RPDs) still speak to an option of recovery for these patients. Distal expansion RPDs are perplexing a result of the teeth and mucous help, requiring better burden circulation for the two tissues to dodge vertical, even and torsional powers that may have unfriendly impacts. The utilization of distal inserts to help and hold RPDs has been accounted for in the writing to limit dislodgement, improve style and rumination and increment persistent fulfillment in costeffective way . The regularly utilized projection types for associations between the dental replacement and interforaminal inserts are bars, ball connections, magnets and adjustable crowns, which offer distinctive biomechanical highlights. Suitable decision of connection can be made based on the given anatomical condition of the mandible.

 Ahmed Abosabaa

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