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The effect of writing on mathematics


 In today's environment, writing is essential for success in practically every part of life, especially school, work, and family. We use writings to connect, collect information, convince entertainment, heal psychological wounds, document experiences, examine the significance of happenings and circumstances and complete numerous responsibilities at business. Many instructors employ writing in the classroom to help pupils acquire composite materials. Writing reports, building written narratives to demonstrate concepts, supporting opinions and forecasts using written debates and writing to explain how to apply information or fix a problem are all common writing exercises assigned by teachers. Writing in notebooks or study logs to generate things about what has been learnt and to self-reflect on their explanations are other activities that teachers employ to immerse children in education. Famous writing instructors have maintained that writing increases learning since the 1960s and continue to do so now. Early evidence for this assertion included experienced writer endorsements, cross-cultural comparison, and experiential data

Joseph Smith

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