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The Incidence and Intensity of Post-Obturation Pain after Single-Visit and Two-Visit Root Canal Treatment: A Comparative Study on Vital and Non-Vital Maxillary and Mandibular Single-Rooted Teeth


Background: Root canal treatment (RCT) is a standard element of dental therapy. Several studies have demonstrated that most of the clinicians complete RCT on patients in multiple visits. However, in the last few decades several researchers in over 70% of the medical centers worldwide have advocated a single-visit RCT. Objective: The objective of this study was to compare the incidence and intensity of post-obturation pain after single- and two-visit RCT on vital and nonvital maxillary and mandibular single-rooted teeth. Materials and Methods: Data were collected from the 140 patients who were classified and treated in two groups, Group A (n=70) with single-visit obturation and Group B (n=70) with two-visit obturation. Results: In this study, it was observed that post-operative pain related with single-visit (Group A) RCT was overall similar as the post-operative pain associated with two-visit (Group B) treatment. In this study, sterile cotton pellet was positioned in the root canals between visits. Discussion: In this comparative study, under the studied conditions no difference in post-operative pain between patients treated in single-visit and patients treated in two-visit was observed. Thus, the present study demonstrates that two-visit endodontics is not helpful in reducing the pain incidence and that RCT completion in single-visit can be safe.

Daad Asaad Al-ghouthani

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