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The Neutralizing Effects of ASAP (Colloidal Silver Solution) On the Newcastle Disease Virus.


This work was aimed at testing the effects ASAP Solution, an FAD approved, and carefully engineered, silver nano-particle mineral supplement on New-Castle Disease virus in some infected poultry birds at the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom (NVRI) Plateau State of Nigeria. The research was designed by randomly blocking (during drug dilution process) thirty five eggs (35) of 9 (nine) day old hen‟s embryonated eggs into groups of seven (7) based on drug dilutions viz; six (6) drug dilution groups and the control group. Dilutions from 10-5 to 10-10 were used for the assay. 0.1ml of the respective dilutions was transferred to sterile Bijou bottles labelled with the corresponding drug dilution. Thereafter, equal volumes of 4HA unit concentration of neat suspension of a lentogenic Newcastle disease (ND) virus strain was added to each bottle. Five eggs were labelled for each drug dilution. 0.1ml drug/virus mixtures were randomly inoculated into five (5) eggs bearing the respective drug dilutions. Five eggs were inoculated with 0.1ml each of the virus suspension to serve as virus control. Eggs were incubated at 370C for 72 hours. Each egg was cut open after incubation and allantoic fluid tested for Heamagglutination reaction using 10% chicken RBC. The results revealed that ASAP colloidal silver solution has neutralizing effects on Newcastle Disease Virus by the Heamagglutination inhibition technique (HAI). Therefore Neutralization titre = 10-5.6 ND50/0.1mL. This study findings support the conclusions made that the ASAP Colloidal Silver Solution is naturally microcidal (killing harmful bacteria, yeast, fungus, and viruses).

Ajobiewe OJ, Olabode AS, Umeji L, Madukwe J, Ajobiewe HF, and Odunze

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