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Use Dual-Axis Tracker to Augmentation Power Production of the Photovoltaic System


This paper proposes an augmentation of power production of a single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic system by a dual-axis tracker by using Solarius PV software to achieve significant energy savings for a building by using sort of renewable energy sources. Therefore, used dual-axis tracker contributed to harvesting the largest amount of incident annual solar radiation that increased the power output with stability by the power supply and harmony between system components. Based on the comparison with a stationary PV system that covered about 69.3% of electricity consumption while PV system tracking could cover 100% of electricity consumed with a surplus energy 9886.55 kWh. Emissions avoided of tracking PV system reaches to (175 016.07 kg CO2e) for 20 years that proposed as a lifetime of the PV system.

Mohammed HR Alktranee, Mortda M Sahib and Qudama Al-Yasiri

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