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The Supreme Being and its Mentioning Usually Attaching to Naming: The Case of Indigenous Religion of the Oromo among Tulama Oromo of Ethiopia


The indigenous Oromo considerably have the ethical and cultural consideration of name giving with attaching to delivery request and to thank the Oromo indigenous religion supreme being entity usually called Waqa, the single almighty according to the consideration of the adherents of the religion that still today exist. As to such issue of name giving as a social and generational bearing entity as well as issue of spiritual entity of calling Waqa with name giving usually to the newly born child usually male and consideration also exist beyond of naming other extra but respected entity name giving. Usually in such case Waqa is called and the objective needed to be realized or the objective already realized become the root word for the name giving and other postscript usually –ssa in Afan Oromo (Oromo language attached to the root word of the name as if implication might state that Waqa can help as well can divert all odd that happened or to be happened among the Oromo of Ethiopia.

Meseret Bekele Gelaye*

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