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Understanding Public Administration In The Light Of Human Evolution


 Man asks many questions necessary to understand himself. Christianity teaches that God created man out of his image and likeness and therefore man cannot evolve. The answers to the questions were obtained through paraphrase, exposition and textual analysis of the work of Teilhard de Chardin and the Church’s teaching on human evolution. In the Humani Genesis (1950), which serves as the official pronouncement of the Catholic Church left the discussion open as far as the body is concerned, but made the implicit reservation that the soul may not be included in the evolutionary talk. Teilhard de Chardin begins his discussion on the origin of the cosmos by stating that it (the cosmos) started from the gaseous elements in space. From the elements the living matter formed. However, he also admits that the past is uncertain as to the real beginning of man. Teilhard observes that evolution is focusing now on the nervous system, which rises and concentrates on the development of the brain. He observes that it grows in quality and size. The ultimate saturation point, the uttermost point of the evolutionary process, the Omega, will be Christ.

 Glenn L. Velmonte, Ph.D

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