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Utilization of Kola Pod Husk for Telfaria Occidentalis, Corchorus Olitorius and Amaranthus Cruentus Production in Ikorodu, Lagos State


Field experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of Kola Pad Husk, urea and their combinations on three leafy vegetables (Telfaria, Corchorus olitorius and Amaranthus cruentus) in Lagos, southwestern Nigeria. The treatments consisted of kola pod husk (KPH) + Urea (ratio 4: 1 N content) and kola pod husk (KPH) alone to supply 0 (control), 80 (KPH1), 120 (KPH2) and 160kg N/ha (KPH3). The treatments were arranged in randomized complete block design with three replications. Application of the varying rate of the fertilizers on the vegetables showed that the use of KPH + Urea at 80kg N/ha (KPH1+urea) was optimum for Telfaria and C. olitorius, while A.cruentus production was optimum at 160kg N/ha (KPH3 + Urea) addition. This indicates that all the vegetables at all the levels of treatments significantly (p< 0.05) gave optimal yields performances compared with control, the supplementation of KPH with external N source to lower the C: N ratio was the best. The yield values at the optimal rates were 14.8, 17.4 and I 1.5 t ha-1 for Telfaria, C.olitorius and A.cruentus respectively.

EA Makinde, Ipinmoroti RR, GO Iremiren and LS Ayeni

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