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Waste Heat Recovery: A Special Case


Lafarge Cement Factory at Al-Fuhais (Jordan) was marked of having some energy issues which required performing site visits for defining, locating and gathering any required information related to the energy issue. Considerable amounts of waste energy were detected in exhaust gases. Moving a light spot into the exhaust gases led to quantify their available heat content and then to look for an implementation for the recovered expelled energy. Among many alternatives, electricity generation was chosen by introducing an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) as an intermediary system between the hot exhaust gases and ambient. The operating conditions for the ORC were optimized to capture the expelled energy. For the selected working fluid (refrigerant R-123), the efficiency of ORC was found to be 14.45%. The recovered energy was found monthly varying in range of [239.9, 271.6], this represents only 2.66 – 3% of factory's electricity consumption. Cost saving of 500,000 $ (2.82%) from the annually total amount spent on electricity was attained.

Mohammad S, Salahuddin H, Al-Far A and Al-khatib L

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