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Low-Profile Wideband Linear Polarized Patch Antenna Using Metasurface: Design and Characterization


A low-profile wideband linear polarized patch antenna using meta-surface is suggested for the wideband procedure at 5-GHz Wi-Fi bands. The antenna consisted of a rectangular patch interceded between a grid of 3 3 periodic meta-surface and the ground plane. The accepted coaxial probe feed is uncomplicated to manufacture and match. Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) is used to evaluate and study the mechanism of action of the suggested antenna. We found that 2 main distinctive modes are effectively excited causing the broadband procedure and linearly polarized radiation. The suggested dielectric-filled antenna with a low profile of 0.057 λ0 (λ0 is the working wavelength at 5.7 GHz in free space) gains about 30% calculated -10 dB impedance bandwidth (4.89-6.62 GHz) with 7.28 dBi median achievement. Over the bandwidth, the antenna performance is >90%, and cross-polarization levels are <18 dB.

Ashraf Sayed Abdel Halim

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