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Webinar Announcement on Social Sciences


We are pleased to welcome you to the “Social Sciences 2020" after the successful completion of the series of Social Sciences Congress. This Social Sciences 2020 Webinar will provide you with an exemplary research experience and huge ideas. Social Sciences are a branch study of societies and the relationships among individuals within those societies. Moreover, this field of science is concerned about various and so define science in its stricter modern sense Social science disciplines are defined and recognized by the academic journals in which research is published, and the learned social science societies and academic departments or faculties to which their practitioners belong. Social science fields of study usually have several sub-disciplines or branches, and the distinguishing lines between these are often both arbitrary and ambiguous. Social science 2020 is focusing on integrating social sciences & peace-building in a changing world providing the right stage to present thought-provoking Keynote talks, plenary sessions, Discussion Panels, B2B Meetings, Poster symposia, Video Presentations, and Workshops. Social science 2020 foresees over 200 participants from 7 continents with revolutionary subjects, discussions, and expositions.


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