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A better targeted drug therapy

Joint Event on Asia Pacific Conference on Diabetes & Oncology

December 04-05, 2019 | Tokyo, Japan

Fatemeh Babaie

Semnan University of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Iran

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Antibody drug conjugates(ADCs) currently have substantial limitations. Because they can have unpredictable effects and may be unstable, losing their payloads and producing toxicity. So we set out to design more stable and predictable ADCs by using computer simulations to predict and plan out how the drug payload and antibody can stay linked to each other. We designed a LEGOlike linker that just clicks a drug payload to any antibody we want. THat means we can deliver a drug specifically to any tissue that expresses the target of the antibody. Also we used computational docking molecular simulations to create prototype that could link an antibody and drug payload and mapped the binding sites to determine how liganddrug pairs would bind to different antibodies. We synthesized the various components and showed that when they were incubated together, they could self-assemble into ADCs, like magnets that find one another. Inspired by this observation, we named this approach MAGNET ADCs, which stands for multivalent and affinity-guided antibody empowerment technology. The MAGNET ADCs could be generated rapidly and did not require modifying antibodies and it showed long-term stability in plasma, lasting 14 days and showing low toxicity. This technology could be adapted to a variety of therapeutic or diagnostic uses. We tested MAGNET ADCs in a model for human lung cancer and envisage that the MAGNET-ADC approach can be extended to a wide range of therapeutic molecules as well as to diagnostics, with potential uses beyond the treatment of cancer.


Student of cellular and molecular biology, Medical researcher, International degree in genetic engineering, Participated in the 3rd international neuroinfl ammation congress and the 3rd international student festival of neuroscience organized by neuroscience department, mashhad university of medical science, Participated in the 3rd international biotechnology congress of Islamic republic of Iran, Participated in the 3rd international congress on biomedicine2019, Participated in the 8th International Conference on Women’s Health, Tehran, Iran

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