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A case report of peri-orbital basidiobolomycosis in a 13-year-old female

17th International Conference on Pathology & Cancer Epidemiology

October 08-09, 2018 Edinburgh, Scotland

Walaa Abdulrazzak Felemban

King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Saudi Arabia

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Basidiobolomycosis is a rare infectious disease caused by a fungus that classified as Zygomycota and known as Basidiobolus ranarum. Most commonly immuno compromised and a rarely healthy individual can infect by this organism which transmits through the skin after direct contamination with a decomposed vegetable matter, droppings of vertebrates and clay under environmental circumstances such as climatic conditions. The dilemma in the diagnosis of these cases is the clinical presentation of a mass which may misdiagnose as a chronic granulomatous inflammation or neoplasm. Tissue culture and biopsy are essential to reveal the diagnosis of Basidiobolomycosis. To date, most cases that have been reported as Basidiobolomycosis are involving the gastrointestinal tract with predominantly in a paediatric population from a tropical and subtropical region with the majority from Saudi Arabia. Very few cases of Basidiobolomycosis involving the subcutaneous tissue with exclusively affecting the orbit have been reported in the literature. Here author is representing a case of Basidiobolomycosis in a toddler female who presented with swelling of the left orbit following trauma to the left eye.


Walaa Abdulrazzak Felemban has completed her bachelor’s degree in medicine and Surgery from King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She is a certified Anatomical Pathologist with Saudi and Arab board qualifications. She is working as Acting Consultant at King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital up to date.

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