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Nutrition: The Impact on Brain and Cancer

Joint Event on Asia Pacific Conference on Diabetes & Oncology

December 04-05, 2019 | Tokyo, Japan

Catherine Maurice

University of Toronto, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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It is estimated that thirty to forty percent of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and dietary measures alone. The main goal is to potentially interfere with the development of precancerous tumors. Even healthy people have a certain number of latent cancerous cells in their tissues. Spontaneous formation of small tumors happens frequently over a lifetime. However, the growth process is interrupted by our defense mechanisms. Those tumors remain microscopic and harmless, until they vanish. Free radicals, environment or diet-associated chemicals can severely damage DNA, leading ultimately to cancer. Certain fruits and vegetables can neutralize carcinogens, increase their excretion and inhibit tumorigenesis. Food also plays a crucial role on the development and maintenance of the central and peripheral nervous system. This presentation aims to identify key concepts and interesting historical facts related to the impact of food in the field of Neuro-Oncology.


Catherine Maurice completed her residency training in Neurology at the University of Montreal in 2013. She then started a 2-year fellowship in neuro-oncology at the Pencer Brain Tumor Centre of Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, under the supervision of Dr Warren P. Mason. In 2015, University of Toronto Health Network recruited Dr. Catherine Maurice to work as an attending physician and clinical teacher. She developed a new neuro-oncology clinic focusing on the to assessment of neurologic complications resulting from systemic cancers and novel therapies. She also manages another clinic focused on primary brain tumors and is enrolled in the multidisciplinary Gamma-Knife Clinic of the Krembil Neuroscience Centre. Dr. Maurice is actively involved in teaching, trying to incorporate new technologies and virtual reality into medical education.

E-mail: [email protected]