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Preventing breast cancer deaths by early detection: an innovative mobile app companion for every women

17th International Conference on Pathology & Cancer Epidemiology

October 08-09, 2018 Edinburgh, Scotland

Sreekala Sreehari

NMC Healthcare, UAE

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Breast cancer is curable if detected early, as well proven by the UK National Breast Cancer Screening Programme. Developed countries of the world have clear breast cancer screening guidelines emphasizing self-breast awareness, clinical breast examination and mammogram algorithms. But developing countries in the world the situation is not very encouraging. Many cancer detection camps are happening, but they cannot reach larger population. Hence when developed countries significantly reduced their breast cancer mortality rate in countries like India the mortality rate due to breast cancer is around 50% (as per latest IARC report). Hence author thought of using smartphone technology for early detection of breast cancer through the BREXA mobile app. The app has the following features like: To score for risk of getting breast cancer; monthly reminders and video assistance for self-breast check; information about the different tests used in breast cancer diagnosis; once the woman crosses 40 years of age, the app automatically reminds and assist in booking for screening mammogram every year; the results of the tests will be available within the app; if the app detects high risk women, such women are given further guidance by expert panel of doctors; users can also book appointments with doctors and laboratories through the app and avail discounts on mammography; Even after diagnosis, guidance and information is available in the app, making it a comprehensive cancer solution. BREXA is now available in English, Malayalam, Arabic and Hindi. BREXA is completely free and can be downloaded from Google play or App store. It is designed as if a doctor companion is always with the woman giving guidance. With effective use of BREXA app, women over world can be saved from breast cancer deaths, which are caused due to late detection. The main aim of this mission is: no more family without a mother due to breast cancer and save mothers and save the world. Recent Publications 1. Sreekala Sreehari and Balaji Balasubramanian; GIST or Not - A Unique Case of Low Grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma with Review of Literature; Journal of Cytology & Histology 2016; J Cytol Histol 7: 414. doi:10.4172/2157-7099.1000414] 2. Kutty SA, Sreehari S; Co-occurrence of intracranial Rosai-Dorfman disease and Langerhans histiocytosis of the skull: case report and review of literature. Turk Neurosurg. 2015;25(3):496-9. doi: 10.5137/1019- 5149.JTN.10542-14.1. Review. PMID:26037195 3. Zuhara Shemin, Sreekala Sreehari, Annie Jojo; Renal cell carcinoma with Xp11.2 translocation/TFE3 gene fusions-experience from a tertiary care hospital in Kerala, India; Journal of Histology & Histopathology 2015; ISSN 2055-091X | Volume 2 | Article 6; http:// pdf 2 doi: 10.7243/2055-091X-2-6 4. Kumar A, Sreehari S, Velayudhan K, Biswas L, Babu R, Ahmed S, Sharma N, Kurupath VP, Jojo A, Dinesh KR, Karim S, Biswas R; Autochthonous blastomycosis of the adrenal: first case report from Asia. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2014 Apr;90(4):735-9. doi: 10.4269/ ajtmh.13-0444. Epub 2014 Feb 3. PMID: 24493676 5. Anil Kumar V, Francis E, Sreehari S, Raj B; Tricuspid valve mycetoma in an infant successfully treated by excision and complex tricuspid valve repair followed by fluconazole therapy. Surg Infect (Larchmt). 2014 Apr;15(2):134-40. doi: 10.1089/sur.2013.007. Epub 2013 Oct 12. PMID: 24116856


Sreekala Sreehari is currently the Lead of Centralized Histopathology Laboratory at NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City. Currently she is the Country Advisor to UAE of Royal College of Pathologists, UK. She is an active member of Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Europeon Society of Pathology and IAP. She is recently selected as an External Peer Assessor to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services ISO 15189:2012). With more than 10 years of international experience, she is an expert diagnostician. Her key areas of interests include Oncopathology related to breast, colon, head, neck, male and female genital systems and a core member of NMC Oncocare tumor boards. She is playing a key role in National Cancer Screening Programmes related to breast, colon and cervix in the region. She has authored and co-authored several articles, done audits and been part of several projects. Early cancer detection, digital pathology, environmental safety, technology developments in cancer care and laboratory quality standards are her main areas of interest.

E-mail: [email protected]