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Quality of discharge summaries for geriatric patients

Joint Event on Breast Pathology & Cancer & Gynecology and Obstetrics Pathology & Palliativecare & Gerontology

June 28-29, 2019 | Oslo, Norway

Sushrut Oomman

Withybush General Hospital, UK

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Background: Elderly patients typically have multiple admissions due to their multiple comorbidities and complex health issues. They tend to require multiprofessional care both in hospital and in the community setting. It is therefore, important to ensure the communication of pertinent information for quality follow-up care in the community. Conventional discharge summaries lack geriatric specific information.

Aim: The aim of this audit is to look at the quality of discharge letters for geriatric patients in Withybush General Hospital. Standard: D-SAFE (discharge summary adapted for frail and elderly) Model evolved in Quebec, Canada. PRSB (Professional Records Standards Body) – July 2018, UK

Method: We used a proforma to record the data from the electronic discharge summaries used in our hospital. A sample of 20 patients’ discharge summary was used; 10 were from ward 10 and 10 from ward 12. It was a retrospective study looking at discharge letters from August to December 2018.

Results: The first audit revealed that the conventional components of the discharge summaries were duly completed. The geriatric components on the other hand were rarely mentioned. These data were presented in the geriatric meeting and we decided to implement prompt cards. We later re-audited and the results showed a considerable increase in the geriatric elements being relayed into the discharge summaries.

Conclusion: The usage of prompt cards along with education has enabled an improvement in the quality of discharge summaries. The action plan is to provide prompt cards in induction pack, and continue education regarding discharge letters.


Sushrut Oomman graduated from University of Pecs Medical School, Hungary. He is currently working as a Clinical Fellow in Internal Medicine in Hywel Dda NHS University Health Board in Haverfordwest, Wales. While working in the Geriatric ward he audited the quality of discharge summaries in his Hospital, specifically for geriatric patients.

E-mail: [email protected]