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Amr RA Kataya

Amr RA Kataya
Project Manager Centre for Organelle Research (CORE)
University of Stavanger Richard



Dr. Amr RA Kataya completed his Ph.D from University of Stavanger,Norway. Shortly after the PhD, Dr. Amr RA Kataya was enrolled in a postdoc position for two years to investigate protein phosphatases and their functions at prof. Cathrine Lillo group/CORE/Norway. This position however started from February 2012, but was extended (within NFR proposal for Prof. Cathrine Lillo) for another two years to be finished in January 2016. Interestingly, Dr. Amr RA Kataya was able to identify a role for the protein phosphatase 2A in peroxisomal β-oxidation, as well as to predict and identify other protein phosphatases in peroxisomes that shall underline the post-translational effect on peroxisomes functions.

Research Interest

peroxisomes and plant innate immunity