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2017: Volume 5, Issue 3
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Effect of Bacterial Decontamination in SD Rats Peri-Implantitis Model by 808 nm Diode Laser Irradiation
Sung-Ho Lee, Wei-Fung Jin, Ryun-Kyung Kim, NaRi Seo, Kyung Won Ju, Ho-Kyung Lim, Soo-Hwan Byun, Young-Joon Lim, Soung-Min Kim, Jong-Ho Lee 
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Shear Bond Strength of Different Root Canal Sealers To WMTA and Biodentine
Emre Bayram, H Melike Bayram, Elif Tekin
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Analysis of Release of Ions into Deionized Water From Raw and Acid Washed (AW) Fluoroaluminosilicate Glasses by Using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES)
Shahab Ud Din, Muhammad Hassan, Mohtada Hassan, Bilal Ahmed Sheiks and Richard Billington
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Visibility of Maxillary and Mandibular Anatomical Landmarks in Digital Panoramic Radiographs: A Retrospective Study
Srisha Basappa, Smitha JD, Nishath Khanum, Santosh Kanwar, Mahesh MS and Archana Patil
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Prevalence of Dental Caries Among Girl Students of Primary School in Buraydah City
Kalpana Gokul
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Assessment of Orthodontic Treatment Need in Mixed Dentition Period (11- 12 Years) Among School Children in Marathahalli, Bangalore
Tulika Wakhloo
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Pillars to Immediate Loading
Rajesh B Dhirawani, Kshitij Aggarwal, Sauvik Singha, Jayant Marya and Ugojyoti Pathi
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Nutrition and Orthodontics-Interdependence and Interrelationship
Navneet Singh
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Rehabilitating a Compromised Site for Restoring Form, Function and Esthetics- A Case Report
Priyanka Prakash