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2013: Volume 2, Issue 4

Review Article:  Pharmaceutical Analysis
Critical Factor That Governs a Successful TLC/ HPTLC Analysis of Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPS).
Rahul Kasar, Ashish Gogia, Kartik Shah, Vetriselvan and Chinmay Anand
Research Article:  Pharmaceutical Analysis
Development and Validation of UV/ Visible Spectrophotometric Method for the Estimation of Oxcarbazepine in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulations.
Arti Mohan, and SK Ghosh
Research Article:  Pharmaceutical Analysis
Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Nateglinide Tablets Using Factorial Design.
Om Prakash, S Saraf, M Rahman, Neeraj Agnihotri, and Vinay Pathak
Research Article:  Pharmaceutical Analysis
Liquid Chromatographic Method Development for the Estimation of Cefpodoxime Proxetil and Clavulanic Acid in Combined Dosage Form.
Dimal A Shah, Piyush A Chaudhary, Usmangani K Chhalotiya, Sunil L Baldania and Kashyap K Bhatt
Research Article:  Pharmaceutical Analysis
To Study the Biochemical Analysis of Kidney Stone by Using FTIR Spectroscopy in the Patients with Renal Calculosis.
Pawan Kumar and Sanjita Das