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2019: Volume 5, Issue 1

Review Article:  RRJSS
Security Challenges For Pakistan
Aneeqa Nawaz
Review Article:  RRJSS
The Four Debates on Secularism and Secularization in the Sociology of Religion
Sindung Haryanto
Research Article:  RRJSS
The Effect of Liberalizing Trade on Foreign Direct Investment Flows into Sub-Saharan Africa Countries
Wondafrash Debebe
Review Article:  RRJSS
The West and Politico-Economic Growth or Decline in Sub- Saharan African Countries: Focus on Policies on Structural Adjustment Programmes, Poverty and Corruption (1980-2018)
Peter Sakwe Masumbe
Research Article:  RRJSS
Investigating Critical Resource Determinants of Start-ups: An Empirical Analysis of the MENA Region
Abdulaziz Alfalih
Review Article:  RRJSS
Energy Access: A Key to Rural Development in Nigeria
Uzoma CC and Amadi KC
Commentary:  RRJSS
Language is the Main Instrument of Spiritual Life
Fayzullayeva MS
Review Article:  RRJSS
Arabian Consolidation and Organization of Islamic Conference in The 70-S of The xx Century
Kuysinova Fazilat Oripovna
Review Article:  RRJSS
Studying the Status of Media in the Process of Education and Training of Individuals
Abdolreza Alishahi, Maedeh Ghaffarinejad and Saeed Mahmoudi