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Song Gao

Song Gao

Editorial Board Member
Song Gao
Assistant Professor
University of Houston



My primary research interests focus on drug absorption, metabolism, and drug-drug interaction. In order to understand the ADME of drugs, I am using a variety of biological models including Caco-2 cell, intestinal perfusion, microsomes and S9 fractions that are enriched in metabolic enzymes and whole animals such as mice and rats to determine the ADME performances of active components in the natural products. I am also interested in the analysis of herbal medicines. I have been engaged in many different areas of herbal research ranging from screening to isolation, structure elucidation, partial and total synthesis of bioactive molecules and characterizing the criteria of herbal and herbal mixtures.


Research Interest

• Disposition of components in herbal medicines.

• Bioanalysis of small molecules (drug and drug metabolites) and large molecules (drug metabolism enzymes and transporters)

• Identification and total synthesis of bioactive natural products