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Current Issue

2021: Volume 9, Issue 4

Research Article: RRJPRPC

Dynamics of oilseeds in India: An overview

Harpreet Singh, Amanpreet Singh

Research Article: RRJPRPC

A Review on: Pharmacological action of Fenugreek

Gayyur Fatima, Talib Mehdi *, Lubaba Zehara

Research Article: RRJPRPC

Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antiproliferatory Activity of Syzygium Cumini Root Extracts for Possible Anticarcinogenic Potentials

Prakruthi DJ, Manu N*, Roopashree TS, Anitha S

Research Article: RRJPRPC

Prosopis Cineraria (L) Druce: An Hope For Livelihood

Sam Ancil

Research Article: RRJPRPC

The Novel Approaches towards Nebivolol by its Solubility Enhancement by Solid Dispersion Technique

Gaurav S. Mude*, Abhilasha Ikhar, Sakshi Mude, Sanjay Nagdev, Mayur Bhurat