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Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry : Citations & Metrics Report
image simon se et al. antioxidant activity and anticancer study on phytochemicals extract from tubers of gloriosa superba against human cancer cell (hep-g2).
image maisaroh s et al.effect of leaf pulutan simplicia stew (urena lobata l.) on necrosis proximal convoluted tubule cells kidney mice (mus musculus) strain balb c 2016.
image mane s et al.mane s,exploring the pharmacognostic characteristics and antimicrobial potential of leaves of urena labota linn.irjp.2016;7:31-37.
image Mikawlrawng k, et al. anti-paralytic medicinal plants–review. journal of traditional and complementary medicine.2017.
image maurya sk, et al.some traditionally used medicinal plants for stomach disorders in bundelkhand region.inter j bios nanosci.2015;2:151-155.
image paul a, et al. rise of mosquito bites in india: a comprehensive study on dengue.apjtd.2016;6:936-939.
image katip w and muangsiri n.tuberculosis (m. tuberculosis). apjtd.1960;4:5.
image viol di, et al. toxicity and antiviral activities of some medicinal plants used by traditional medical practitioners in zimbabwe. am j plant sci.2016;7.
image cordeiro mc, et al.anti-dengue and safety study of novel herbal formulation- denpap® a liquid dosage form.ijarrp.2013;2:258-264.
image Dwivedi v and tripathi s. review study on potential activity of piper betle. j pharmacogn phytochem. 2014;3:93-8.
image foo lw, et al.extraction and qualitative analysis of piper betle leaves for antimicrobial activities. int. j eng tech sci res. 2013;2:1-8.
image modirrahmati y,et al.alleviation of inhibitory effects of staphylococcus aureus on mpo expression and myeloperoxidase activity in human neutrophils in vitro by piper betle linn. ethanolic extract. j appli scie.2013;15:874-883.
image gholib d. antifungal effectiveness of ethanol extract and leaf essential oil sirth (piper betle) trichophyton verrucosum on the in vitro 2016;25:119-126.
image hussain rm, et al. killing of staphylococcus aureus by allylpyrocatechol is potentiated by induction of intracellular oxidative stress and inhibition of catalase activity. j integr med.2016;14:456-64.
image giwanon r. preliminary anti-onychomycosis efficacy study of cream from selected medicinal plant. tjps.2016 ;40:70-75.
image chauhan k, et al.proximate and phytochemical scrutiny of piper betel leaves powder. int j ayu pharm chem.2016;5:197-204.
image babu ar and reddy pd.comprehensive study on phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants in india.ijirse.2017;3:221-228
image thomson is. yalda modirrahmati, mohd fahmi mastuki and roslinah mohamad hussain. journ applli scie. 2015;15:874-83.
image de vera js, et al. phytochemical constituents and teratogenic effect of lyophilized extracts of bixa orellana l.(achuete) and piper betle l.(ikmo) leaves in danio rerio embryos.the pharma chemica.2016;8:432-437.
image rakhshanda s. phytochemical screening and comparison of antibacterial assays of pimpinella anisum through extraction (doctoral dissertation, brac university).2015;1-44.
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