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Research & Reviews: Medical and Clinical Oncology is a half-yearly, peer-reviewed, open access, scholarly journal that aims to publish high quality research on all aspects of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Medical and Clinical Oncology journal publishes articles addressing Medical oncology, Surgical oncology, Radiotherapy, Paediatric oncology, Psycho-oncology, Clinical oncology, basic research and the comprehensive management of patients with malignant diseases.

Our Journal accepts various formats of literary works such as Research articles, Reviews, abstracts, addendums, announcements, article-commentaries, book reviews, rapid communications, letters to the editor, annual meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, calendars, case-reports, corrections, discussions, meeting-reports, news, obituaries, orations, product reviews, hypotheses and analyses. We are delighted to invite Eminent Scientists, Academicians and Researchers to submit their original research articles for publication.

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Gynaecologic Oncology

Gynaecologic oncology is specialized field of oncology that deals with the cancers of female reproductive system which includes uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer to name a few

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