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Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry

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Journal of  Medicinal and Organic chemistry has turned out as one of the most important interdisciplinary area of science over the years and catering the ever growing need for new medicine and compounds. Combating with numerous diseases was not possible without constant support from medicinal and organic chemistry since ancient times. Modern high throughput technologies enabled us to explore and generate ample number of compounds and test their efficacy in relation to different disease conditions.

The fast growing subject demands a global platform for discussion of various important aspects of the subject. Research and Reviews: Journal of Medicinal and Organic Chemistry provide common podium to the academicians, researchers and student community to enhance, share and update their understanding in the associated subject of medicinal  and organic chemistry.

Research and Reviews: Journal of Medicinal and Organic Chemistry is a peer reviewed open access journal which accepts contribution in the form of a research, review and short communication article.

This quarterly periodical encompasses the following topics under its broad scope and also allows submission in the allied subjects.

We are delighted to invite the global scientific community to contribute and share their knowledge through this open platform.

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Natural Products Chemistry

Natural product is a chemical compound produced by a living organism which is found in nature. Natural products can also synthesize by chemical synthesis and plays an important role in the development of the organic chemistry. In the case of organic chemistry natural products is usually restricted to purified organic compounds

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Bioactive Heterocyclic

Heterocyclic, their preparation, transformation, and properties, are undoubtedly a cornerstone of organic chemistry. Several heterocyclic possess excellent biological activity almost without bearing any substituents, which means that their heterocyclic core is definitely part of the pharmacophore. Examples of such scarcely substituted and highly active heterocyclic are the two bipyridyl derivatives such as amrinone which is used in the treatment of congestive heart failure

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