A Multi-Level Approach of Audio-Steganography and Cryptography | Abstract

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A Multi-Level Approach of Audio-Steganography and Cryptography


After a rapid growth of cyber revolution, developing a secret communication is a major task of security that has gained increasing importance. Cryptography and steganography are the best methods for introducing hidden communication. Current technology allows steganography applications to hide any digital file inside of any other digital file. Due to the existence of their redundancies, audio and video files are much suitable for the purpose of hiding. Audio steganography is a challenging subject because human auditory system (HAS) is more sensitive than human visual system (HVS). It requires a text or audio secret message to embed within a carrier audio file. Several basic audio Steganographic methods like LSB method, parity coding etc., are in existence, but the proposed LSB with XORing method gives high security which undergoes cryptographic randomized algorithm too. By performing two level encryption, capacity and robustness will be increased.

P.G.Mamatha, T. Ravi Kumar Naidu, T.V.S. Gowtham Prasad

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