Advance Platform for Computerized and Electronic Hospitality Development | Abstract

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Advance Platform for Computerized and Electronic Hospitality Development


The Healthcare is very Large-scale, distributed and essential systems for all of the human being present on the earth. Such a healthcare systems are difficult to develop due to their complex and decentralized nature. In the old days, the healthcare and hospitality is only based on the paper and done manually. Which is very much time-consuming and hectic job for all the stakeholders of this ecosystem. In this paper, I am trying to make this distributed old fashioned healthcare system to advance E-Healthcare system using some advance features for developing the platform as a basis for designing, implementing, deploying, invoking and managing all the healthcare services under one roof. With the design of integrated electronic health records (EHR), there are several benefits to all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem like physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, as well as for patients. We propose some of the advanced features that help to make the old-fashioned Hospitality to Advanced E-Healthcare system by adding an EHR system, E-documentation, E-prescription and alerting facilities in user friendly manner. The facilities that are provided with this project makes the system of Healthcare more efficient and proper and giving Patient more care than the earlier system.

Anup Arvind Lahoti, Prof. P. L. Ramteke

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