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Assessment of Air Pollution in Lucknow


The human behaviour over the last few decades has changed the global atmospheric condition. The emission from automobiles, industrial emission, urban development, intensification of agricultural practices has escalate the levels of the harmful gases like CO2, CO, SO2, NO and Particulate Matter(PM) which probably changing the condition of the atmosphere and in turn harming us. The study aims at assessing the rate of air pollution in Lucknow with the focus on the Particulate Matter 10, Particulate Matter 2.5, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. The study also reveals the major cause of the air pollution in Lucknow; the areas of Lucknow which are severely under pollution threats and monitoring the tracking mechanisms which has been set up; lacking equipments and the reason behind the same and little focus on the implemented awareness method among Lucknow is on air pollution. The study accounts the data of the recent months and the comparison to evaluate the increasing amount of level of pollution from last years.

Geetika Saluja

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