Automata Based Access Control Privacy Preserving in PPIB | Abstract

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Automata Based Access Control Privacy Preserving in PPIB


At present many outsourcing organizations need sharing of the information via on-demand access. Information Brokering System (IBS) have been already proposed to connect large-scale loosely-federated data sources via brokering overlay. But there are some attacks with these traditional IBS, namely attribute-correlation attack and inference attack. To overcome these attacks here we are proposing two countermeasure schemes they are automaton segmentation, query segment encryption to safely share the routing among the selected set of brokering servers. Existing system work on two extremes of the spectrum by adopting either query-answering model or distributed database model. Our proposed novel IBS, Privacy Preserving Information Brokering (PPIB), is an overlay infrastructure consisting of two types. Firstly Brokers, acting as mix anonymizer, is mainly responsible for user authentication and query forwarding. Next the coordinators, concatenated in a tree structure enforce access control and query routing based on the embedded non-deterministic finite automata – the query brokering automata. IBS also ensures curious or corrupted coordinator is not capable to collect enough information to interfere the privacy.

Jyothsna Pamala, C. Usha Rani

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