Design and Implementation of Bi-Rotational CORDIC Algorithm | Abstract

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Design and Implementation of Bi-Rotational CORDIC Algorithm


The CORDIC algorithm is a repetitive calculation approach ability of emerging different basic functions with a proper shift-and-add method Used to evaluate a large amount of functions. It contains no. of addersub tractors, shift registers with respect to complexity of operation. In this paper we present improved method of shifting by using an alternate scheme by increasing the no. of barrel shifters with increasing pre shifting method and Fault Tolerance in Bi Rotational CORDIC circuits Higher rate of accuracy in fixed and known rotations. The improvement in the fixed angle Rotation reducing the area- and Complexity in the application. From the basic architecture of cordic an Fixed angle rotation is implemented by vector rotation. the rotation of vectors uncontrolled by the circuit till all rotations are completed it will results large system gain and unpredictable angles for effective operation of known angles in this paper angle correction ,Quadrant correction and gain correction is implemented. the angle correction is selected by the initial vector bits of selection and the System gain is controlled by an external gain control mechanism of fixed system gain similar to the Normal cordic implementation.

K.Surya Kumari , S.Jahnavi

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