Multi-Sensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System | Abstract

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Multi-Sensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System


This project is a cost effective yet vigorous solution to the problem of railway track geometry survey utilizing a method that is unique in the sense that while it is simple, the idea is completely novel and up till now untested. The project discusses the technical and design aspects in detail and also provides the proposed multi sensor railway track geometry surveying system. This project also presents the details of the implementation results of utilizing simple components inclusive of a GPS module, GSM Modem and MEMS based track detector assembly. In railway bridges, any time the bridge it’s striking due to weather condition, floods, earthquake, cyclone, etc. Now days system have some limitations, if the bridge or track damaged, that information goes to railway authority people, they notifies and informs to the corresponding trains it will takes more time informing those information. So to avoid delays, our proposed system will immediately notifies and informs the current train comes on the track through wireless medium. Bridge damage status is monitored by the Ultrasonic sensor and wireless modules, when the sensor not getting signal, immediately nearby wireless system notifies and alert or informs to the current train on the track. The above task can achieve through microcontrollers, GSM, MEMS. The same information can be passed to all trains coming on the track.

Sureshkumar.R, Marimuthu.M, S. Rajeshwari

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