Power Quality Field Measurements on PV Inverters | Abstract

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Power Quality Field Measurements on PV Inverters


The main scope of this paper is to investigate the power quality characteristics of various modern PV inverters installed on small sized rooftop PV stations. For this purpose, seven 3-phase, transformer-less PV inverters with similar electrical characteristics are chosen. Analytical field measurements of 10kWp PV systems, located in different regions of Greece, were performed by means of a Class A Power Analyzer. The data gathered were further analysed in detail and compared in order to identify the main factors affecting important power quality characteristics, including harmonic distortion, voltage fluctuations, as well as power factor and reactive power. The measurements validated some of the inverters’ power quality supply characteristics as stated in the datasheets and according to the regulations.

K.P.Kontogiannis, G.A.Vokas, S. Nanou, S. Papathanassiou

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