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Psilophytales Cladistices Lines Of The Evolution


Pteridophytes are the plants of the great evolutionary values; they have the great empire in the middles of the carboniferous era. The Devonian and the Permian were the time when these plants dominated as the great and large ecosystem of the whole of the earth.

This was the era when evolution of the all the other vascular plants was the major steps in the plant biology. In this series here we are Presenting some of the aspects of the review entitled as the Psilophytales cladistces lines of the evolution, these were considered as the early land plants with initial kinds of the vascular system, however after their original discovery in the 1920 by the kidston and the lang, these group of the plants has the tremendous change in the position and phylogeny of the many genera’s. The group has the very important phylogenetic values and major steps in the evolution of the early land plants.

Dr. Teena Agarwal

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