Remote access to PC using Android phone | Abstract

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Remote access to PC using Android phone


By using an application of Android mobile user can access his own or any other PC. It is a JAVA application for PC and Android application for mobile. With the help of this both applications different operations are performed by the Android user, operations are, remotely transferring files from PC to mobile and from mobile to PC,mailing the file, accessing whole screen of PC.The IT Administrators also remotely access the database of their PC such as, operations like remotely accessing their own files from their PC.When the Android user enter IP address of his PC he will receive one time password from his PC. The Android user will receive different one time password at each time when he will enter IP address of his own pc.Hence security will increase. Overall process is depending Point to Point network for providing better security.

Shubham Bidya , Nikhil Sonawane , Nandkishor Shegokar , Prashank Bhosale , Prof. Anisaara Nadaph

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