Resonant Converter for the Application of DC-To-DC Energy Conversions | Abstract

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Resonant Converter for the Application of DC-To-DC Energy Conversions


Resonant power conversion has many advantages over conventionally adopted pulse-width modulation, which are, low electromagnetic interference, low switching losses, small volume, and light weight of components due to a high switching frequency, high efficiency, and low reverse recovery losses in diodes results to a low di/dt at switching instant. So, this resonant converter is used for direct current (dc)-to-dc energy conversion applications. The proposed resonant converter topology comprises a half-bridge inductor-capacitor-inductor (L-C-L) resonant inverter and a diode bridge rectifier. Then, the output stage of resonant converter is filtered by using low-pass filter. The measured energy conversion efficiency of the resonant converter reaches up to 88.3%. Capacitor-inductor-capacitor(CL- C) resonant converter is more preferable than the L-C-L resonant converter; because of, it improves the energy conversion efficiency and also reduces the equipment cost. The efficiency of C-L-C resonant converter is up to 93%. Moreover, test results demonstrate a satisfactory performance of the resonant converter. Furthermore, the proposed converter is highly promising for applications of power electronic productions such as switching power supplies, battery chargers, uninterruptible power systems, renewable energy generation systems, and telecom power supplies.

Ramesh Halakurki, Ramesh Gollapalli

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