Smart-Puter Based Sectrol for Vehicles | Abstract

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Smart-Puter Based Sectrol for Vehicles


Smart-puter is a mini computer designed for the two-wheelers to increase the level of security and control. This is designed with special algorithms such that it will be benefited by both user and the public servants. In this we have a complete digitalization of the vehicle components and make the display on the smart-puter. Smart-puter has the interfacing of displaying petrol and battery levels, lean position, turn indicator, engine temperature, global time, trip levels and the maximum speed set option. This also has a GPS module as well as it has the access to use GPS navigation and a GSM network so that he can always track the vehicle where it is through a particular cell number. This system design is done with the complete concentration over the power usage as well as the cost that plays the major role in the design technology. At the same it the GSM module is even programmed in such a way that if any breakdown of the vehicle occurs then its location where it has occurred is immediately sent as an SMS to the one registered number who always monitors the vehicle. It may be either due to accidents, climate and conditions. To make this task the special sectrol algorithms were designed.

R.Jeevitha, R. Prasad, L.Nishanth, D.Vignesh Kirubaharan, S.M.Boobalakumaran

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