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2022: Volume 13, Issue 2

Mini Review:  RRJGRCS
A Brief Overview on Cloud Computing
Senthur Velmurugan
Mini Review:  RRJGRCS
Improvement Strategies and Management of Data Objects for Advanced Library
V SenthurVelmurugan
Commentary:  RRJGRCS
Comprehensive Examination Of Artificial Intelligence and Application in Physiotherapy
John Henrik
Commentary:  RRJGRCS
An Overview Of Recent Cyber Security Issues
Daniel Casper
Review Article:  RRJGRCS
A Comparative Study Of The Flood Detection System
Muhammad Ahmad Baballe*, Basiru Mati, Usman Haruna Hussain, Zainul-Abideen Abbati, Bashir Muhammad Abba, Garba Bello Garbadiso